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Estimated Prize Money from Australian Prizes

95 Prizes worth $2,015,399

Estimated Prize Money from Internation Prizes

32 Prizes worth $496,150

This year's winners are...

Prize Winners for 2017

Raymond Arnold
Glover Prize
Winner ($40,000)
Mark Booth
Sculpture at Scenic World
Winner ($20,000)
Ben Carroll
Montalto Sculpture Prize
Winner ($30,000)
Gary Grealy
National Photographic Portrait Prize
Winner ($25,000)
Kendal Heyes
Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing
Winner ($25,000)
Brent Leideritz
Emma Hack Art Prize
Winner ($5,000)
Simon Pankhurst
Sculpture on the edge
Winner ($10,000)
Amanda Penrose Hart
Gallipoli Art Prize
Winner ($20,000)
Yhonnie Scarce
Guirguis New Art Prize
Winner ($20,000)
Valentina Schulte
CLIP Award
Winner ($3,000)
Jackson Slattery
Elaine Bermingham National Watercolour Prize in Landscape Painting
Winner ($20,000)
Henry Smith
Portrait of a Senior Territorian Art Award
Winner ($7,000)
Tobias Titz
National Photographic Portrait Prize
Art Handlers' Award ($2,000)
Patricia Wilson-Adams
Burnie Print Prize
Winner ($15,000)